About us
Our Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision, mission, values

Our vision

to become a preferred provider of agency employment recruitment and recruitment outsourcing and create a long-term and mutually beneficial business relationship with our customers.  

Our mission

  • To provide our customers and candidates with pragmatic solutions for their recruitment needs, to the satisfaction of both parties.
  • To achieve the comparable level of quality, loyalty and stability of the temporarily allocated employees as achieved by the employees in the regular labour force.
  • To develop and support the possibilities of our customers for their own growth, through flexible solutions and sensible use of modern technologies when searching for employees with required knowledge and experience.
  • To enable each of our employees, both working for us and allocated with our customers, to do sensible work for a fair wage, regardless of whether their career ambitions are big or small.
  • To request relevant fee for provided services, to achieve adequate profit and continuously grow the value of the company for its owners.

Our values

Relations with customers and business partners

We closely cooperate with our customers and business partners to create mutually beneficial long-term relations. We are convinced that the best solution always comes as a result of joint work and sharing of knowledge and experience. We exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners by continually improving our services, process and methods – and we keep positively surprising them. We protect their reputation and we feel responsible for this liability – not only at work, but also beyond.

Relations with collaborators

The devotion, motivation, knowledge and skills of our collaborators are the key to our success. We choose them without any discrimination, based solely on their professional knowledge, personal skills and highly ethical conduct. We pay attention to their continuous professional and personal development and we motivate them to achieve excellence. We always respect their personality.

Relations with temporarily allocated employees

We have the same attitude based on mutual respect and trust to the temporarily allocated employees as we have to our regular labour force employees. We consistently respect their rights; we support the equality of opportunity and fair treatment regardless of skin colour, race, nationality, social background, possible handicap, sexual orientation, political and/or religious conviction, sex or age. We respect the personal dignity, private life and personality rights of each individual.  


We always respect and consistently protect the legitimate rights of our customers, business partners, our regular labour force employees, as well as of the temporarily allocated employees.


We believe in a fair and honest conduct of our customers, business partners and employees and we act in a way to not give them any reason to distrust our word either. If, however, someone breaches the principles of decency and honesty in business, we protect our interests and rights adamantly and with the use of all legal means.


We meet the requirements and wishes of our customers on time and in required and expected quality. We prepare our business offers and contractual relationships with regard to our possibilities and in a way that always allows us to fulfil what we promised. 


We strictly obey the valid law, ethical principles and professional standards throughout all our operations. Under any circumstances, we adopt fair, objective, independent and fact-based approach and always act upon these principles. We tolerate no form of corruption or bribery.  


We are aware of our responsibility towards the owners, customers, business partners, employees within our own labour force and temporarily assigned employees, towards our country we operate in and towards the civil society. We are socially responsible, we limit the impact of our activities onto our environment, and we regularly evaluate and reduce potential risks and help the needy.