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Pro-Temp Recruitment

Pro-Temp Recruitment

The Pro-Temp Recruitment service is a basic recruitment service to search for suitable workers for various types of positions, from assistant positions, to specialist posts to lower and middle management; via selection from databases, advertising at job servers, specialized internet sites, daily press and specialist press.

You can submit the specification of the filled job by electronic mail or by phone. A consecutive personal encounter – either by a visit of our consultant on your premises or your visit to our office – goes without saying: the aim is to specify the brief, professional, qualification and personality requirements on the candidates and to discuss all essential elements of the search process.  After placing the order for the position, your company gets an assigned consultant who prepares the draft of communication advertising and time schedule of your commission.  In the case of focused personnel advertising with featured name of your company, graphic layouts are prepared and consecutively approved which fully reflect your corporate culture. Naturally, we organize the selection of suitable candidates.   

The Pro-Temp Recruitment service can, naturally, be combined with other services in order to  get more detailed information about selected candidates, both in terms of professional and personal perspective. These services are provided by our parent company DRILL® B.S. and you can find out more about them here:  

The financial remuneration of the commission is usually established as a multiple of monthly wages or as a percentage of yearly wages of the position in question; it can also be set as fixed negotiable price. This amount is only invoiced upon the successful finding of a suitable candidate and signature of the job contract. Until then, all services are free of charge.

To find suitable candidates, we use the following processes:

Database Search

  • We have access to a huge database containing information about 130.000 of candidates from various industry segments and various countries.

International Professional Database Search

  • Due to our participation in professional organizations as well as managerial network groups weuse access into international branch databases of its partners as well as some other commercial databases.

Ad-based Searches

  • We work effectively with advertisements on our web sites, job servers and specialized internet sites in the Czech Republic and in other countries both inside and outside of EU.
  • We use personnel advertisement in daily newspapers and industry magazines and publications (in the Czech Republic and in other countries both inside and outside of EU).

Cooperating with other companies within DRILL Group

  • If necessary, we use the resources of specialized companies within DRILL Group (both in the Czech Republic and abroad); this is especially suitable when it is required to identify and approach scarce and/or narrowly specialized experts, such as in the field of information and telecommunication technologies, engineering or manufacturing.

Cooperation with universities, secondary schools and other educational institutions

  • We cooperate with a number of schools and other educational institutions and use this fact, among other things, for the identification of possible candidates, especially (but not only for) the positions intended for graduates.

Internet Social and Professional Networks

  • We use our connection in professional internet social networks.

Search and selection through participation in specialized professional conferences and seminars

  • Depending on our industry and business field specialization, we participate in conferences, seminars and other educational programmes where we improve our expertise even further and acquire contacts of managers and specialist in their field who could become suitable candidates for some of our customers.

Networking and  references from existing and former candidates

  • We use our personal contacts, our memberships in trade, industrial and professional chambers and solicited recommendations of existing and former candidates of our professional acquaintances and colleagues who could make suitable candidates.

The candidates who have shown interest after being approached are invited for an interview. The goals of the interview are:

  • To establish the motivation of candidates to change job.
  • To verify the qualifications of candidates, their personality and professional capabilities.
  • To check their managerial skills, the ability to lead, manage and motivate.
  • To check the ability of the candidates to adapt to the environment of your company.

We provide each candidate with a feedback following the interview. At the same time, we inform your company about the results of the interview within the agreed time interval. At this stage, we also always check the professional references and the essential personality traits and integrity of the candidate.

We complete this stage with a thorough report on each of the candidates selected for the following round of selection procedure. This report contains all the relevant data about the candidate, his/her personality and professional qualifications, professional references from his/her previous employments and the rationale why had he/she been selected for the following round of the selection procedure. This report is only submitted to your company, along with a detailed explanation of individual points with an approval given by the candidate.

Upon the approval of selected candidates by your company, we organize interviews according to a previously agreed plan. The professional function of employees who are to meet the candidate and the order of encounters is rather individual and it has to be solved in close cooperation with the responsible employees of your company. The meeting organization is always coordinated upon previous agreement by our consultant or your responsible employee. A feedback always follows the interview with a candidate.

We consecutively inform all candidates about the interview results. If so requested, we provide further services to verify the qualifications of the pre-selected candidate or candidates.

If so requested, we negotiate the contract terms and conditions, compensations, employee benefits and other aspects of the contractual relationship with the selected candidate, in order to avoid misunderstanding and to reach the consent and satisfaction of both parties.

The Pro-Temp Recruitment service is provided with a guarantee of 3 months from the first day of the labour-law relationship or similar contractual relationship between you and the candidate.   If, within this period, the candidate ends his/her relationship or if he/she fails to achieve satisfactory results, we shall – without delay and any additional charges – ensure a replacement. This guarantee, however, does not apply to the cases where a significant change in the candidate’s job description, his/her position in the company, compensation, other benefits and/or agreed conditions appear. 

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