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Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing

Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing

The Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing service – or Personnel Leasing – contains search and middle- and long-term assignment of employees by the means of agency employment – “the temporary assignment”. One variant of this service is the possibility to assume the permanently employed employees of Client and their consecutive “temporary assignment”, as well as the possibility to assume the temporarily assigned employee into the “Try & Hire” type of employment.

Personnel Leasing is globally one of the fastest growing areas of human resources management, for several reasons:

  • It provides flexibility in the planning of labour force (possibility to quickly change the ratio of permanent and temporarily assigned employees), especially when accomplishing larger temporary projects, when larger number of jobs have to be filled quickly (for example, when a new branch office or production line is being opened), for seasonally repeated activities or similar, strategically higher needs of labour force.  
  • When necessary, it enables to fully or partially solve the requirement of flawless securing the necessary production or operational volume while, at the same time, keeping or even reducing the number of own employees (“Headcount Freeze”).  
  • It fully or partially solves the transfer of risks, duties and responsibilities related to the labour-law relationships to the supplier – “Employment Agency”. 
  • It reduces the burden of the HR personnel (especially in terms of recruitment, personnel administration and wage agenda) and of some other departments whose employees can, thus, focus on more important tasks of higher priority (such as recruiting employees on higher posts etc.).

By using the Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing service you can, thus, effectively manage your personnel policy:  

  • At every point in time, you have just as much labour force as you need.
  • You will quickly solve a short-term deficit of employees (project-style conducted work, seasonal work, acute commissions and demands etc.), as well as possible need of longer-term employee replacement (e.g. replacement for an employee on maternity leave, long-term illness etc.). 
  • You can focus on filling the strategic positions and use external workers for administrative and auxiliary processes.
  • You can effectively reduce your personnel and fixed costs.
  • You can solve your needs of labour force within hours, or several days at the most. 
  • Thanks to the flexibility in acquiring labour force, you gain a competitive advantage you can use especially at times of time and labour demanding jobs.
  • You don’t need to undergo the expensive and complicated recruitment process of own personnel; you also reduce the risk of choosing the unsuitable employee.
  • You eliminate possible problems with firing own employees at times when their capacity exceeds existing requirements.
  • You can immediately replace the temporarily assigned employee who fails to meet your criteria on quality or quantity.

Using the Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing service includes especially the following activities:

  • Support and assistance when specifying required positions and requirements on the qualification of temporarily assigned employees.
  • Search, selection and checking of knowledge, experience and work habits of temporarily assigned employees.   
  • Checking the integrity of the selected temporarily assigned employees.
  • Training of temporarily assigned employees with respect to performed jobs.
  • Preparation and update of employment contracts, instructions for temporary assignment and, as the case may be, other labour-law documents of the temporarily assigned employees. The service also includes making out of the document of the temporary assignment of the employee for the Client who is liable for keeping these documents proving the existence of the labour-law relationship at the worksite, pursuant to Section 136, Employment Act.   
  • Building of personal files of temporarily assigned employees.
  • Taking care of the entry and regular medical checks.
  • Basic Occupational Safety and Fire Protection trainings.
  • Collection and keeping of work sheets.
  • Checking of adherence to the prescribed therapy of temporarily assigned employees – in the case of compensation for incapacity for work.
  • Ensuring the payment of compensation for industrial injuries or occupational diseases.
  • Issuing confirmations to the temporarily assigned employees for the Employment Office, banks, insurance companies and/or other institutions. 
  • Providing replacement workers in the case of incapacity for work or fluctuation, also in the case of compensation to the full-time employees.
  • Running monitoring of the performance, work relationships and other aspects of the temporary assignment and provision of feedback.
  • Regular reporting, in intervals as per your requirements.
  • Monthly processing of the salary agenda, based on the attendance sheets prepared by you or based on the agency reports (calculation of the monthly, hourly or task wages, agreements on jobs conducted in formats other than employment – short-term employment, agreement to complete job, calculation of the monthly insurance benefits, application of tax discounts etc.).
  • Securing the payment of wages and statutory levies for social and health insurance.
  • Breaking down the accounts and wages depending on specific requirements (to centres, jobs, branch offices etc.)
  • Processing the monthly reports for the purposes social and health insurance authorities.
  • Yearly income tax report.
  • Making and keeping of the Registration sheets of pension security scheme.

It is solely up to you to decide which particular services you want to use and which ones are to be supplied by your own resources or by other methods; our offer can be used as a kind of menu to choose from. Some services are, however, interconnected and either cannot be separated or it is technically or administratively too demanding, lacking in system and, thus, more expensive.

The Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing service is especially suitable for the following areas of activities:

  • Industry, manufacturing – auxiliary handling and warehousing jobs.
  • Warehouses, logistics, distribution – auxiliary handling jobs at storage and packaging of products of department stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, auxiliary handling jobs of goods shipping.
  • Administration – assistant, secretary, operator positions, receptionists, PC data processing, accounting and administrative assistance. 
  • Hospitality industry – waiters, waitresses, chefs, cleaners, helpers.
  • Information personnel – hostesses, interpreters, translators.
  • Retail/wholesale – shopping assistants, shelve stockers, auxiliary personnel.
  • Market surveys/marketing – inquirers, promotional events, statistics processors etc. 
  • Safety, protection of property and persons, security of events, including parking coordination.
  • Commerce and services – sales assistants, cashiers, inventory clerks, unpackers, stockers etc.

To search for suitable candidates for temporary assignment, we use an extensive set of tools and methods, especially:

  • Own database with candidates from various industries and locations.
  • Database of our parent company and the companies within our group.
  • International industry commercially based databases.
  • Specialized advertising in both electronic and printed media.
  • Social networks.
  • Recommendations by other candidates or by our partners.
  • Direct search and active approach.

Each candidate passes an interview in our company, including the verification of his/her skills and abilities. If so required, we also conduct a deeper verification and testing, for example of the manual skills, fine motorics etc. (especially for the work in manufacturing companies), communication skills, meticulousness (for example, for working in contact centres), language skills (for working in tourism) etc.

Personnel backup

With the temporary assignment of employees, in addition to the Quality Manager and Key Account Manager/Consultant, you also get an Account Coordinator (or a team of coordinators who can work in shifts, as per your specific needs and requirements) who is in charge of all communication with the temporarily assigned employees and solving all the personnel, administrative and labour-legal tasks.  The Account Coordinator also supervises the search and recruitment of employees, their possible accommodation and/or transportation, induction training, improving of their qualification and possible replacement. He/she is responsible for the communication with all the responsible departments of the Client.

Depending on the size of the commission, your needs and requirements, the Account Coordinator can be available to you:

  • permanently,
  • on selected days or hours,
  • upon request,

either on your site, on our premises or through our mobile site. 

The temporarily assigned employee conducts his/her duties based on instructions, established operating procedures, processes and standards of the Client. In legal-law issues, he addresses the Employment agency via the Key Account Manager.

The Account Coordinator supervises the timely and quantity accomplishment of Clients commission. He/she flexibly communicates the requirements, changes and needs towards the Client and vice versa, via the internally appointed employee/-ees), usually a shift foreman, a personnel officer, a team leader, an HR specialist, an HR generalist, payroll clerk.  


For the purposes of monitoring of quality, performance, payrolls and cost breakdown, we prepare regular   reporting in intervals as desired (daily, weekly, monthly; with consideration to the nature of the job and your needs).

The reporting covers especially the following subjects:

  • Staffing of shifts.
  • Attendance of temporarily assigned employees. 
  • Quality of work of the temporarily assigned employee assessed by the Client (evaluation of a superior).
  • Payroll sheets.
  • Reaction times.
  • Changes and updates of labour-law documents.
  • Information about entry and regular medical checks.
  • Information about status of occupational safety and health protection.


The Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing service, sometimes also called an “agency employment”, is provided in compliance with valid legislation (especially Labour Act, as amended, and Employment Act, as amended). In addition to the business contractual relationship between  Pro-Temp® and the Client, it also requires the “Agreement on Temporary Assignment” and “Written Instruction” to  Pro-Temp® (being the Labour Agency) for the temporary assignment of employee with the Client. 

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