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Company Profile

We are an employment agency and personnel consultancy company offering mediation of temporary and permanent employments, as well as part-time jobs. We provide our customers with high-quality services in the field of temporary assignment of employees and recruitment of employees for low and middle positioned jobs. We are offering the following services:

Temporary employments and part-time jobs

  • Pro-Temp Temporary, i.e. search an short-term operational provision of short-term workers and employees through an agency employment format – so called “temporary assignment”. This form of cooperation is especially used by our customers for the emergency jobs and time-limited need to quickly increase their capacities (especially in transportation, logistics and storage, when preparing and performing marketing campaigns, market surveys, fairs and conferences, for cleaning jobs and during the changes of informations systems – entering of data, support of customers etc.). This service also reduces the costs and maintains maximum flexibility. 
  • Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing, i.e. search for medium and long-term provision of personnel through an agency employment format – “temporary assignment”. The Personnel Leasing allows maximum flexibility in the planning of labour power (possible quick changes of the ratio of permanent and “temporarily assigned” employees), especially when securing larger temporary projects, in the case of necessity of fast employment at large number of posts (such as opening of a new branch office or production line), for repetitive seasonal activities or similar, strategically higher needs of labour force. Another variant of this service is the possibility to assume the permanent employees of the client and to consecutively “temporarily assign them”.

When using the Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing and/or Pro-Temp Temporary service, you also get, depending on the size of your order:  

  • A dedicated and unchanging Key Account Manager/Consultant; this ensures a unified communication and approach at the preparation and performance of the service.
  • Coordinator (or, as the case may be, a team of coordinators who can even work in shifts, depending on your particular requirements and needs), who takes care of the entire communication with temporarily assigned employees and of solving all your personnel, administrative and labour-law issues.
  • Access to the online support of experienced personalists – a Hot Line.

Permanent employment

  • Pro-Temp Try & Hire, i.e. search and provision of employees for the thorough check of their knowledge, skills and abilities, or, as the case may be, also training, with the consecutive start of the selected employee at the respective job for the company of the client.  This solution provides the benefits of a long-term employment, as well as the possibility to thoroughly check the qualifications, skills and knowledge of the employee in real-life situations at the position he/she applies for at the same time. The Pro-Temp Try & Hire service can be successfully used especially in those cases where the final decision about the creation of a permanent job hasn’t yet been made and in the cases that the job has already been created but the suitability of the particular candidate has not been fully ascertained yet.
  • Pro-Temp Recruitment, i.e. search, checking and recommending of suitable employees for various types of positions, beginning with workers and assistant jobs, to clerk and specialist positions up to lower and middle management. Through cooperation with the specialist departments of our parent company, we are also offering the possibility to test the candidates with the use of the  DRILL Assessment Center and DRILL Psychological Testing services, thus gaining truly indepth information about the selected candidates, both in professional and personality aspects.

Why choose us?

  • We closely cooperate with our customers and business partners and create mutually beneficial long-term relationships. We believe that the best solutions always come as a result of joint work, sharing of experiences and knowledge. We surpass the expectations of our customers and business partners by constant improvement of quality of our services, processes and methods and we always surprise them positively. We protect their reputation and we feel responsible for this liability not only at work, but also beyond.  
  • Thanks to our methodologies and methods, we achieve the comparable level of quality, loyalty and stability of the temporarily allocated employees as we do with the regular labour force. 
  • We develop and support the opportunities for our customers to grow, through flexible solutions and sensible use of modern technologies when searching for employees with required knowledge and experience.
  • We enable the employees temporarily allocated with our customers to get a meaningful work for a fair award.
  • We also provide our services in our regional branch offices, at on-site units at our customers and also via our mobile office.  

We are offering qualified and non-qualified employees, especially for the following segments of industry and commerce:

  • Manufacturing (automotive, chemical, electronic, food, furniture, fabric, machinery, etc.)
  • Logistics, haulage, distribution and storage.
  • Moving services.
  • Finance (especially accounting services).
  • Marketing (market research, promotional events).
  • Administration.
  • Construction industry.
  • Customer and contact centres, call centres and shared service centres.
  • Retail and wholesale.
  • Hotel and tourist industry.
  • Healthcare.
  • Agriculture and forestry.
  • Security, guarding of property and persons.

The positions most frequently positions filled by us include especially:

Work in production

  • Assembly and handling labour jobs.
  • Workers at production lines, manufacturing workers.Operators, machinery and device atendants.
  • Welders, locksmiths, toolers etc.

 Administrative work

  • Secretarial and assistant positions.
  • Receptionists.
  • Invoicing.
  • Handling of mail.

Fairs and exhibitions

  • Distribution of leaflets and catalogues.
  • Presentaion of products and services.
  • Packing of promotional materials and samples.
  • Hostesses.
  • Staff of information booths.

Storage and handling jobs

  • Storemen and assistant storemen.
  • Fork-lift operators.
  • Handling jobs.
  • Sorters, packers, binders.

Moving and cleaning jobs


Jobs in trade and tourist industry

  • Cashiers.
  • Inventory clerks.
  • OTC sale.
  • Staff.
  • Dish washers.
  • Chambermaids.
  • Receptionists.
  • Waiters a waitresses.
  • Chefs.
  • Interpreting and translation services.
  • Shelve stockers.

Work at call centres, contact centres and shared services centres etc.

  • Phone operators.
  • Telesales and telemarketing.
  • Entering data into databases.
  • Inquirers.
  • Statistics processors.


  • Security guards.
  • Promoter service workers.

Pro-Temp in the Czech Republic provides its services at regional branches, at   on-site workpsites with their clients, as well through its unique mobile worksite.