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What client said about us

“We have cooperated with Pro-Temp spol. s.r.o. in employee recruitment for over two years.

We value the services of this company highly positively. We have always been met with a pleasant and professional conduct; the selected candidates always complied with the required professional and personal qualifications. We also appreciate the high level of flexibility and individual approach.

We believe that our cooperation shall continue further, to the satisfaction of both parties.”  

Ervín Dankovský, Personnel Department, Personnel Affair Officer, Nová Mosilana a.s.


“We started cooperating with Pro-Temp in employee recruitment in 2015. The cooperation takes place by the means of recruitment outsourcing, in a symbiosis of both companies.

We appreciate the highly flexible, professional and outgoing approach of Pro-Temp employees. This gives us a very important feedback from the labour market; their personnel services are provided in an excellent quality, according to our requirements and visions. Our positive experiences are a good prerequisite for the continued cooperation.”  

Jaromír Brokeš, Supply Chain Director, Ravensburger Karton s.r.o.


“We approached Pro-Temp spol. s.r.o. with the request to find out part-time workers for the positions of a handler and a packer. With respect to the fact that our manufacturing needs changes every day, we also expect fast reactions from our cooperating agency. We met with a very professional and flexible attitude. The recommended candidates were well informed and they complied with our requirements.

Based on this experience, we have been cooperating with Pro-Temp for the third consecutive year and we do believe that our cooperation will also continue in the years to come.”

Štěpán Hakl, Human Resources Manager, REDA a.s.


“At the beginning of 2016, we were looking for a new agency to extend our cooperation in the allocation of employees to our Brno facility for the manufacturing of solar panels. It is very difficult to find a reliable business partner at the existing labour market which would not only meet all our business expectations, but would also be a high-quality employer for its employees. We put our trust in Pro-Temp, based on recommendation credentials. After the first year of cooperation, we value it as very correct and beneficial for our company.”  

Leona Buchtová, HR & Site Service Manager, AU Optronics (Czech) s.r.o.


“The cooperation with Pro-Temp spol. s.r.o. has always been on a highly professional level. It is great to cooperate with Mr Girašek and his colleagues; they always try to understand the needs of our company and satisfy those. I can fully recommend this company for cooperation. I do thank them for their attitude so far and the successful filling of many operators’ positions.”

Lenka Pospíchalová, MBA, Department Manager HR CZ, Orifarm Supply s.r.o.


“We have been cooperating with Pro-Temp since 2015. What is truly great about Pro-Temp is their professionalism, flexibility and the above-standard pro-customer approach.

Pro-Temp is one of our most reliable partners we approach for both temporary and permanent jobs which we need to grow. Personally, I really enjoy our cooperation.”

Ondřej Rak, HR Manager, Yusen Logistics (Czech) s.r.o.