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Pro-Temp Try & Hire

Pro-Temp Try & Hire

The Pro-Temp Try & Hire service includes search and provision of employees for the thorough verification of their knowledge, skills and abilities and/or, as the case may be, their induction training, with the consecutive employment of the employee with the Client’s company.

This solution combines the benefits of a long-term labour relationship with the possibility to thoroughly verify the qualifications, knowledge and skills of the employee in real-life situations, at the position the candidate applies for.  The Pro-Temp® Try & Hire service can successfully be used especially in the cases when the final decision about the creation of a job has yet not been made or when it has been made, yet no full certainty exists yet about the suitability of the candidate in question.

The Pro-Temp Try & Hire service brings you the following advantages:  

  • You can get a short-term or long-term employee who does the work required by you, yet he/she remains a Pro-Temp employee, thus not increasing the number of your employees.  
  • You get time to decide whether or not hire the employee for a full-time employment. You can make this decision based on your possibilities and based on the verification of the knowledge, experiences and skills of that employee in real-life situations. You can, thus, get your time to make a decision whether or not to employ this employee in a long-term employment.  
  • You are hiring very well checked and trained employees for a full-time employment; this reduces the consecutive risk of fluctuation in your firm and improves the labour productivity.
  • You are reducing the risk of selecting the wrong candidate.
  • You reduce your administrative load.
  • It enables you to maintain the motivation of the selected candidate prior to concluding permanent employment with him/her at the highest level possible.

The Pro-Temp Try & Hire service contains:

  • Specification of position and requirements on the qualification of the candidates.
  • Search, selection and checking of the experience of selected candidates.
  • Should you so request, training of the candidate with regard to performed job.
  • Invoicing for the performed work, as per agreed rate.
  • Constant monitoring of labour relationship and provision of feedback.
  • Time guarantee of replacement worker if you so request.
  • Releasing of the employee to be hired for full-time employment by your firm as per your requirement.

The Pro-Temp Try & Hire service can naturally be combined with other services in order to get more detailed information about selected candidates, both in terms of professional and personal perspective. These services are provided by our parent company DRILL B.S. and you can find out more about them here:  

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