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We are an employment agency and personnel consultancy company offering mediation of temporary and permanent employments, as well as part-time jobs. We provide our customers with high-quality services in the field of temporary assignment of employees and recruitment of employees for low and middle positioned jobs.

We are offering the following services:

Pro-Temp Temporary

The Pro-Temp Temporary is based on the methodology of the Personnel Leasing. As opposed to it, though, this one deals with search and short-term operational provision of part-time workers and employees for a temporary help through an agency employment format – the so called “temporary assignment”. Within this service, we offer short-term jobs and part-time jobs to workers without limitations, as well as to students, persons on maternity/parental leave and persons with physical handicap.  

Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing

The Pro-Temp Personnel Leasing service – or Personnel Leasing – contains search and middle- and long-term assignment of employees by the means of agency employment – “the temporary assignment”. One variant of this service is the possibility to assume the permanently employed employees of Client and their consecutive “temporary assignment”, as well as the possibility to assume the temporarily assigned employee into the “Try & Hire” type of employment.

Pro-Temp Try & Hire

The Pro-Temp Try & Hire service includes search and provision of employees for the thorough verification of their knowledge, skills and abilities and/or, as the case may be, their induction training, with the consecutive employment of the employee with the Client’s company.

Pro-Temp Recruitment

The Pro-Temp Recruitment service is a basic recruitment service to search for suitable workers for various types of positions, from assistant positions, to specialist posts to lower and middle management; via selection from databases, advertising at job servers, specialized internet sites, daily press and specialist press.