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Participation in the Assessment Center

Participation in the Assessment Center

The Assessment Centre is a very effective method of selecting employees for managerial, sales and frequently placed positions. Its gives a fairly exact forecast of a candidate’s future performance. If a company uses the Assessment Center method to evaluate pre-selected candidates, it is certain that your performance during the process will have a significant influence on the company’s accepting you for the job.

The Assessment Center is usually based on a series of simulations of typical working activities, during which a candidate’s abilities are tested. The Asses¬sment Center enables employers to compare the performance and behavior of the selected candidates who are assigned the same tasks at the same time and place. These tasks include both team and individual tasks and are prepared according to the profile of performance, personality, social and managerial qualities required for the position. Each candidate is evaluated according to the job profile (e.g. organizational skills, ability to plan, ability to think and take decisions, the suitability of those decisions, creativity, stress resistance, verbal and communication skills, the ability to influence, presentation skills and leadership abilities). A common aspect of the Assessment Center is a psychometric and eventual performance test.

The Assessment Center is much more demanding than an ordinary interview. Firstly, it takes much longer, usually between several hours to two days; depending on the position. If a candidate is applying for a managerial or other key position, she must usually go through one or two interviews. Only after successfully completing the interview process are candidates invited to participate in the Assessment Center. Candidates applying for a general sales position, may find the Assessment Center to be their first contact with a potential employer. Bear in mind that the Assessment Center is expressly prepared to put candidates under significant pressure. A short deadline, for example, creates a feeling of psychological instability making the assigned tasks very difficult to complete. Both the performance and behavior of the participants during the Assessment Center evaluations are carefully monitored and assessed by a team of specialists from the fields of Human Resources, psychologists and potential managers.

Even if you feel that you would not be successful in the Assessment Center evaluations, try it anyway as it provides an excellent opportunity to understand yourself and your abilities.