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Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Even though the importance of a cover letter is sometimes overestimated, it always is suitable to send it together with a CV. The cover letter should be short and concise and should explain why you are approaching a particular company, what position you are applying for and why.

The first paragraph should show that your experience is sufficient for the activities of the company. Indicate how your skills can contribute to its success.

The second paragraph should include the reasons why you have chosen to approach the company.

The third paragraph should contain a promise that further contact from your side will follow. It is best to aim for a personal meeting and state so clearly.

At any rate, the cover letter should not supplement a CV or repeat any parts of it. Ideally the cover letter should include concise information relevant to the company, which shows that you’ve “done your homework”, to the position you are applying for and to your professional experience.

A cover letter must be written as a formal letter. It may be sent by mail, fax or electronically and a CV should be always enclosed.

The cover letter must be followed up with a telephone call and later personal contact.

To make it easier for you to create your own cover letter, you can use various templates and samples. For references to web pages offering templates and sample cover letters click here.